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When you are looking to invest in a backpack sprayer, you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for the money and also the right product for your requirements. This site is designed to provide you with information on the different options for backpack sprayers, what brands are available and what the different options are for each brands.
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Best Rated Garden Backpack Sprayer Reviews 2017 (with images) · gardensprayers
Top rated garden backpack sprayers for home and professional users. Hudson vs Solo vs Chapin vs Roundup. Pump or battery operated backpack sprayers for pest, weed control and bleach use. Sale and online discounts.
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4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer
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Taking on spraying tasks is simple with this Oregon 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer (37-601) .

Great for small farms, residential and commercial landscapes, it boasts a 4.2-gallon capacity and has a 3.9""-wide brim for easy filling.

Oregon Backpack Sprayer

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Backpack Sprayer Reviews - Battery Powered, 4 gallon and more
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4 gallon backpack sprayer
Chapin Backpack Sprayer (4 gal, 15 to 60 psi) . Model: 61800
Chapin 4 Gallong

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Tank Capacity 4 gal.,

Tank Material Polyethylene,

 In Tank Filter Yes,

Hose Length 48 In., Fill Opening Size 4 In.,

ressure Release Yes, Wand Material Polypropylene,

Nozzle Type Adjustable Cone, Fan, Nozzle Material (2) Polypropylene, Brass, Polypropylene, Hose Material Reinforced PVC,

Wand Length 18 In., Pump Length 12 In., Pressure Range 15 to 90 psi, Seal/Gasket Material Viton (R)

Chapin Pricing

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Field King Max Backpack Sprayer (4 gal, Poly, 150 psi) . Model: 190348
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Backpack Sprayer, Application Lawn and Garden, Industrial, Commercial, Tank Capacity 4 gal., Tank Material Polyethylene, In Tank Filter Yes, Hose Length 50 In., Fill Opening Size 4 In., Pressure Release No, Wand Material Stainless Steel, Nozzle Type Adjustable, Flat Fan and Foaming, Nozzle Material Brass, Polypropylene, Hose Material PVC, Wand Length 21 In., Pump Length 6 In., Pressure Range 150 psi, Seal/Gasket Material Viton (R)
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